Pick Love Daisy Canvas Bags

Pick Love Daisy Canvas Bags

As Shown: $22.95

In old tradition, when we are curious if someone we are affection about feels the same way we do, we would pick the petals from a Daisy also called "Love Me Nots" while saying he/she "Loves Me" or he/she "Loves Me Not". When we got to the final petal of the daisy, whatever phrase we spoke, was supposed to tell us how the object of our affection felt about us. Irregardless of the outcome, it has always been a symbol of "love", "new love", and "young love" in bloom. This beautiful floral tote bag would make a great gift for your significant other on valentine's day or any other special occasion, to express to them how you have chosen love. Pick love...and share it with others.

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