Anti Standardized Teach to the Test Large Tote Bag

Anti Standardized Teach to the Test Large Tote Bag

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My Original Text Saying Graphic Design with the wording, Standardized Tests, Teach-to-the-test, Assessments, No Good for America, No Good for our Schools, No Good for Kids written in red and black text with a slashed out black circle. A statement tote bag for male or female to use for school supplies, shopping, gym, beach, errands, etc. who is anti-Common Core, anti-PARCC, anti-MAP Reading and Math assessment computer based testing now also being used in schools as yet another standardized assessment test, and any other standardized tests! Let children be children. Let kids just be kids and enjoy their youth! Parents, Teachers, and everyone against assessment tests no matter their state, and teaching-to-the-test being used on our children like guinea pigs join together to fight big business and their deep pockets! In New Jersey folks are sick and tired of Governor Chris Christie's lies. He brought Pearson's Common Core, PARCC to New Jersey, but during the 2016 Republican Presidential Debates he said more than once, and a couple weeks before dropping out of the race that "New Jersey Dropped Common Core", which also includes PARCC by Pearson. But this is false, NJ schools still are using this teach-to-the-test Common Core and PARCC material subjecting our children to this stressful material, tracking of their progress through the years and invasion of privacy. Tell Governor Chris Christie to do what he says and finally drop Common Core, PARCC, and now MAP and any other computer based standardized testing on our children in any grade! Go back to the Traditional Basic 3R's in NJ that have always worked well for America. Choose your style, size, color shirts from Baby to Adults. NOTE: My Original Slogan Quote Text Saying and Graphic Design cannot be altered or reproduced Copyright © 2016 TamiraZDesigns. All Rights Reserved. Visit my store for more original items:*

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